Pedicure Heel File


This amazing little tool will be your foot's best friend!

Perfect solution for dry, calloused and cracked heels and feet!

No need to go get a pedicure just to have soft heels when you can use the exact tool at home as often as you need.

  • Large yet light weight design allows you to work with ease and gives quick amazing smoothness.
  • Gives equally good results on both dry and wet foot surfaces that allows the user to work according to their own preference and satisfaction
  • Avoid over filing on heel cracks. This will result in tender heels.
  • Start with light pressure until you realize how effective this tool can be.  Do NOT over file on your first time. This tool removes callouses easily and if overfiling occurs, you can unknowingly take off too much.

2 Colors:

  • Black or Pink

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