Instant Magic Water Balloons +PLUS AIR attachement!

$8.99 $19.99

Forget the stress and headache of filling one water balloon at a time! Now filling balloons has never been easier! Simply connect to a hose and fill balloons.

Also comes with 1 mouth peice to connect if air filled balloons is preferred over water filled balloons.


1.Connect the attachment to the water source.

2.Fill the balloons and see them self-seal to make hundreds of water balloons in minutes.

3.When you fill the balloons ,pls keep them about an inch off the ground that could make the balloons fall off naturally as the gravity.

How to fill 37 balloons with air in seconds

1- attach mouth piece to 1 bunch of balloons

2- blow in to balloons

3- when desired fullness, pull off balloons and watch them self seal!

Package Includes:

3 Bunch of Water Balloons (Assorted Colors)

1 Mouth piece- for filling balloons manually with air!

Total Balloons 111

Suitable for Ages 3+

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